Pride And Joy
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Pride And Joy

For queers, having kids is complicated. Yet lots of us make it happen. These are our stories.

When journalist Freddy McConnell started his transition, his doctors told him he’d never be able to have his own child. But, they were wrong. Freddy gave birth to his first child in 2018.

In Pride & Joy, Freddy sets out to find other experiences beyond the traditional nuclear family. He meets the 61 year old grandmother who gave birth to her grand daughter, a gay couple who searched for a surrogate, and a child who has five co-parents.

He hears their stories of struggle, heartache and joy, discovering along the way a world of flourishing queer families who have been quietly taking radical approaches to parenting.

A show we made at Somethin’ Else, in partnership with the journalist Freddy McConnell and producer Arlie Adlington.