Samizdat Audio makes podcasts. The kind that are hard to create and fun to listen to.

We take our name from the word for underground literature in the Soviet Union, each sheet typed with care and passed onto the next person — samizdat.

We’re a small shop, so each story gets the attention it deserves. We know how to turn serious journalism into a gripping listen.

Samizdat Audio is Joe Sykes and Dasha Lisitsina and the talented people we work with.

We met in the US and then spent many years working together in London, leading productions on some of the most successful and critically acclaimed narrative shows. We’ve told the story of the most influential media magnate of the 21st century. We’ve charted the rise of a new brand of politician reshaping our world. We made a podcast about how queers have kids.

Now, we’re doing exciting new work under Samizdat Audio. A story about a Russian opposition leader assassinated outside the Kremlin, told by his daughter. A podcast about a cosmonaut who went up into space a Soviet citizen and came back, 313 days later, to a new country. We also produce British Scandal — a really fun show with Alice Levine and Matt Forde.

In all our work, we try to tell complex stories you want to keep listening to.

We love working with new people. It’s one of the best things about working in podcasting. Drop us a line.

Dasha Lisitsina
Joe Sykes
Asya Fouks
Millie Chu